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Cubist digitalizes the healthcare of tomorrow
Etusivu – Eng
The progressive leader in smart fluid management solutions around suction
Etusivu – Eng
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    Serres is the progressive leader is smart fluid management solutions around suction. Through our solutions, we help healthcare professionals succeed in their daily work. Our offering enhances every step from suction to disposal making the whole process safer and smarter. Supporting over 40,000 operations each day, the Serres solutions help healthcare professionals to focus where it matters.

    Vieser is the leading Nordic manufacturer of drain systems for buildings. Vieser engages in long-term and customer-focused design of products for a range of different applications in wet rooms, with three product families: floor drains, covers and water traps.

    Innokas Medical is a Finnish health technology company founded in Oulu in 1994. Innokas offers its customers professional medical technology solutions by mastering the agile path from idea to high-quality design and product development, regulatory approvals and cost-efficient manufacturing of medical devices. Innokas is ISO –certified and FDA registered company.

    We are an IT consultancy company developing intelligent solutions for the healthcare of tomorrow. We help our customers with a broad range of software development services. We do front end, back end, sensor integration, embedded software, data science, AI, machine learning, regulatory advice and project management.

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  • Serres Group is a dynamic, significant Finnish family company, with a strong focus in international operations and continuous development. Our working community is renowned for its expertise, encouraging atmosphere and customer-oriented approach. We are growing our current businesses and creating new business, relying on our skilled management and proactive ownership.

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    The continuous development of operations is vital for survival. Maintaining competitiveness requires renewal, the courage to change and the capacity to quickly learn new things. We have the thrive to always pursue higher.



    High morals and responsibility guide our operations at all levels: our business operations and relationships with our personnel and society are on a sustainable footing. We are a reliable and valued partner.

    Committed ownership

    Committed ownership

    Family company is a long-term owner, seeking to increase the value over the long run through proactive board work and skilled management. We are a wanted owner.

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    Success waits for you at Serres

  • Serres Group Oy is a significant, dynamic Finnish family company. We are a growing and truly international company, with 40-year roots in product innovation, technical expertise and entrepreneurship. All of us – from the members of our Board of Directors to our factory workers – are driven to succeed and firmly committed to the success of the company, continuous learning and applying what we have learned in our daily work.

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    Serres Group Oy
    Metsänneidonkuja 8, 2nd floor
    02130 Espoo

    tel. 020 746 4400
    fax 020 746 4401

    Mika Hagberg

    Janne Pöllänen
    Group CFO

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